Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gross Food

I think everyone has foods that completely turn their stomach, make them gag, etc. I know I do. And I feel VERY strongly about them. I always joke with people though that someday when I'm having pregnancy cravings I will probably crave these foods and that's how I'll know I'm pregnant, hahahaha. So here's my gross foods list. What's on yours? These kinds of things fascinate me, because it's so weird how one person can love a food and another person hates it. For example, my boyfriend will eat every single thing on my list with no complaints. (But he's crazy, so...)

Macaroni Salad
Sour Cream (this is my #1 gross food. I cannot handle it. I just. Can't. Even the thought makes me want to dry heave.)
Creamed Spinach
Ripe Bananas (I love bananas, but only when they're still slightly green / JUST barely yellow)
Cooked Carrots (unless they're in a soup and just taste like whatever the soup is lol)
Cooked Tomatoes (like large chunks of them in a sauce or a soup? heck no. I skip 'em.)

Also... weird quirk, warm fruit. Gross. So the whole warm apple pie thing? No thanks. Cold pie please.


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