Monday, December 6, 2010

Grown Up Christmas List

A job. Not just a job but something that pays enough where I can move out of my parents' house. Preferably in Austin TX so I can move out of this state.

Health insurance. I have none. It's been over a year since I've had health insurance. I take medications and I have some chronic conditions. I need to see doctors. But it costs so damn much. Right now I pay out of pocket for office visits and prescriptions.

My own place. I moved out of the house when I was 18. It was such a crushing blow to my self esteem to have to move back home at 23. I'm 24 now; I really hope I can get out of here before I see 25 in August, but the longer time goes on, the less hopeful I am.

Extended claim on my unemployment benefits. My unemployment claim is up in February. Of course ideally I'll be employed before then, but if not, I really hope I'm able to get an extension or I am pretty much screwed.

No more debt. Being unemployed sucks. There's shit you need to buy, and very little money to go around. Of course, the several months over the summer that I wasn't receiving benefits for didn't help either. But I'd really like to be able to wipe out my debt.

A job for Mr. Boyfriend. For him it's been even longer since he's been employed, and it stresses him out like crazy. He hasn't had health insurance for a couple years plus. He also has debt he needs to pay off. But he is unable to collect unemployment benefits, so he's even more screwed than I am. There are so many things both of us wanted to do with our lives between losing our jobs and now, but we can't do anything right now. We're stuck in this hellish limbo of bad economics and joblessness.

Oh and by the way if anyone suggests anything ridiculous like getting a job at McDonalds, I will slap you. AS IF we haven't tried.


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