Thursday, July 29, 2010

5 Ways That Job Hunting is Like Dating

You try to put your best foot forward. Sure the actual outfits are different (I hope!) but the way we primp for a date is very similar to how we primp for an interview. Gotta look your best, make sure your breath is okay, and don't say anything stupid. 

You meet, have some great conversation, and then they don't call you back. Don't you HATE that? Just be straight up! I like you, I just don't like like you. Was that so hard?!

They sounded much cooler on the internet than in person. Have you ever met up with someone only to discover that maybe that picture was from 5 years ago and they look nothing like that anymore? Talk about a bait and switch! There are lots of job listings out there like that too. They dangle all sorts of promises that are non-existent! Or heaven forbid, you show up to an "interview" and it's really a multi-level marketing pitch. Gag me! Which leads me to my the next similarity...

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. He's a brain surgeon who loves to cook, shop, and has a great relationship with his mom? What's the catch? Married. Same thing with a job. $3,000 a week part time! Yeah, right.

Now, I think this "rule" of dating doesn't apply to everyone, but it does for some, and certainly with job hunting-- by the 3rd time you really expect them to put out. Unless you're applying for the CIA or something, it really shouldn't take that many interviews to get you a job. Did you know that friggin' Macy's is a 3-interview process? Ridiculous! How vetted does a gal need to be to hawk Clinique?

I know the economy's tough and the job market is rough out there, but really employers...all we want is for you to be straight up with us. Communication is the key to any relationship.


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