Thursday, July 15, 2010

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

So here's the scoop...

My name is Alyson, and I'll be 24 next month. I'm living in Orange County, CA. I'm working as a freelance marketing professional. I got laid off from a job I loved back in February, and because of that had to move back home with my mom and stepdad. I brought my 2 cats, 2 fish, boyfriend, and his tarantula with me. It's a pretty full house since my parents have 4 cats of their own. Luckily it's a big house and I get along very well with my parents-- mom and I are BFF.

I decided to go back to school! This summer I started summer school at a community college. I'm taking a math course. I hate math, but I need to pass it and get it out of the way. I have a midterm coming up. -gulp-

The boyfriend and I have been together over 2 1/2 years now. Love him to death. :)

That's pretty much the long and short of it right now...


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