Thursday, July 29, 2010

Workin' On My Fitness

So I'm becoming one of those people obsessed with their iphone. I got the iphone 4 as an early birthday present and it's so amazing. I love this thing so much.

Anyway. The abundance of fitness apps has inspired me to well, finally do something about this situation. What you can't see is when I say "this situation" I'm motioning towards my belly. :P Which is not to be confused with this situation:


I am using 2 apps in conjunction with each other-- MyFitnessPal and Fitness Pro. Both are free and satisfy my needs quite well. 

MyFitnessPal is pretty spiffy. You type in your age/height/weight etc., your lifestyle (activity level), and your weight loss goal (ultimate goal weight and how much you want to lose per week from 1/2 pound a week to 2 pounds a week). It then gives you a daily calorie budget. I enter in the foods I eat and it tells me how many more calories I'm allowed that day. It also tracks other nutrients such as fat, sugars, carbs, protein, etc. In addition to tracking your eating, MyFitnessPal tracks exercise and calories burned. If you exercise, it adjusts your calorie intake budget accordingly. Whenever you want to, you can record the day's weight and it will chart your progress on a graph. Cool!

Fitness Pro is a nifty reference guide with dozens of exercises to try with minimal equipment necessary. Some of them have an incline bench or machine involved but there are still tons that require a pair of dumbells, an exercise ball, or nothing at all. They're separated by what muscle group you are working. You can also plan workout routines by adding moves to a routine and then entering how many reps per set and how many sets.

I've been using these apps for 3 days now and they kind of make it fun because I'm already so obsessed with my iphone that any excuse to play with it is a good thing.

If you have an ipod or iphone, have you tried these apps? I'm enjoying them so far!


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